Rodrik RP Bio

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Rodrik RP Bio

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Name: Rodrik
Race: Nordheimer
Age: 28
Weight: 195 (of pure muscle)
Height: 6'2
Gender Identity: Male
Brief Role-Play Backstory: Rodrik was trained from the age of 6 to become a soldier. He kept to himself and hardly spoke with anyone during his training. Rodrik had a strong passion to one day succeed his father and rule the house. Throughout his many years of training Rodrik quickly grew to be very deadly killer. Always bringing home game from the nearby woods and constantly threatening the small folk that lived outside the house Rodrik became one of the most feared soldiers. At the age of 22 Rodrik took into his first battle where he severed the heads of 64 men. Soon Rodrik took to fame in the kingdom for his highly combative skills. When Rodrik was 26, his brother was exiled from the house for loving a girl from the wrong house. Even though he mainly kept to himself, he had a strong relationship with his brother. After talking to his father about his brothers exile he quickly realized he didn't want to be a part of the house anymore and that he wanted to find his lost brother. Rodrik left in a hurry only taking his clothes and some skills from his previous life. After 2 years of following his brothers trail he picked a fight with the wrong people at a bar and they crucified him in the middle of the dessert.
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Re: Rodrik RP Bio

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