Arvid the Nordheimer

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Arvid the Nordheimer

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Name: Arvid
Race: Nordheimer
Age: 32
Weight: 210lb
Height: 6'2"
Gender Identity: Male
Personality: Honest, Fair, Helpful (but not charitable), Short Temper

Pre-Exile life was rather fortunate for the likes of Arvid. Though Arvid was a hearty warrior, he was first and foremost a business man. Together with his brother, they founded the Bronan Brewing Company, also known as the BBC. They were honest business men looking to build a trade empire, not thieves or cheats look to make a quick buck. But never the less, fate had a cruel way of rewarding the brother's honesty. In the process of trying to close a major business deal, the brothers found themselves the subject of a sting operation in which they ended up being framed for a variety of heinous crimes. The punishment for these crimes was the immediate liquidation of the company and, of course, exile.

But the brothers had a plan. From a strange traveler, they managed to purchase a very simple map of a large river in the Exile lands. Using this map, they decided upon a location in which they would rejoin each other once they had been exiled. The designated location was on the South bank of the river, next to an island that looked strangely like a big dick. Whoever arrived to the meetup spot first would set up a rudimentary camp and try to survive there until the other arrived.

Together, they will rebuild. They will not let their legacy and names crumble so easily. They will rebuild the BBC, only this time bigger. Much bigger.
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Re: Arvid the Nordheimer

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