Nico Johnson

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Nico Johnson

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Name: Nico Johnson (The Thief)
Race: Human.
Age: 20.
Weight: 130lb.
Height: 5'6.
Gender Identity: Male.

Role-Play Backstory:

Can thieves be good? Maybe, maybe not, but Nico was a Thief for fun. Nico stole from the rich, and gave to the poor, for fun? Can you then consider him a good thief? ''It was the 7th of July, Nico was taking a walk in the location where all the poor lived. He went around giving his last coins to the children. Suddenly, a crowd of poor people came up to Nico, the people have become greedy. ''We want the golden light!'' the crowd shouted. The golden light is the source of all the gold in the king's castle, with that the poor wouldn't be poor anymore. The golden light is locked in the castle and placed in the area, with the most security. Nico knew the chance of him being caught, but he was so confident he could get it. ''Don't worry my friends! I Nico Johnson! The great thief! Will bring the golden light home!'' Nico shouted. The people have never been happier.

Nico took his bag and his knife and heads toward the castle. One thing that made Nico such a great thief, was his skills at being sneaky and fast. He sneaked his way into the castle. For every step he took towards the golden light, the security became greater. He sneaked his way behind the guards, getting closer and closer to the golden light. There it was! The golden light! Right in front of his eyes! He couldn't resist going straight for it. This was Nico's biggest mistake. He ran towards the golden light, but because he wanted it so much, he didn't even see the tripwire. The tripwire activated a trap, that removed the floor, right under Nico's feet. Nico has been caught, for the first time ever in his life. The journey ended for Nico, or did it just begin?
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Re: Nico Johnson

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