Gavin Jewel ex-Gladius

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Gavin Jewel ex-Gladius

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Name: Gavin Jewel (Ex-soldier)
Race: Human.
Age: 24.
Weight: 185lb.
Height: 6'2".
Gender Identity: Male.

Role-Play Backstory:

I was a soldier. Proud of my work. I am not the best warrior ever, and I am no hero, but I can fight and I can put hammer to metal. I can cook, and survive in rough conditions. It wasn't my fault when after 8 years of campaigning, conscripted at 16, we were told that the war we fought was heresy. I assume some noble wanted something done and we accomplished it, but in the back room of the elevated citizenry someone had to pay for what and how it was done. I'll never be sure, I just know that after years of becoming the best soldier I could be with no choices, I was demonized and vilified. They staked me to a post in the sands. I watched from a death tree as my entire unit was speared and crucified. I will survive this, I was trained to survive this, and one day when they least expect it I will have my revenge. I will tear down their cities brick by brick and feed the earth with noble blood. One step at a time though, I have nothing and revenge will be expensive. I have to build a force, make allies, conquer my own corner of this land so I might prepare for the day. I suppose it all starts with putting on some pants. One foot in front of the other now, steady Gavin....
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Re: Gavin Jewel ex-Gladius

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