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Nikki lay in a hospital in a near catatonic state, unable to remember anything but snippets of his past. Suddenly, all of Nikki's memories come flooding back in. He remembers how, as a heroin addict and would-be political radical frustrated with contemporary society due to the economic inequality, corruption and hypocrisy around him, he was manipulated into joining a supposed secret organisation dedicated to revolution. At the head of the organisation is a mysterious political and religious figure known only as Dr. X, who manipulates Nikki through a combination of his heroin addiction and brainwashing techniques to become an assassin for the government. Whenever Dr. X uses the word "Mindcrime", Nikki became his docile puppet, a state which Dr. X used to command him to undertake any murder of any political figure that the Dr saw fit.

As Nikki's Position in the organisation grew so did his ego and adherence to his "master's" vision of the future. Through one of Dr. X's associates, a corrupt priest named Father William, Nikki is offered the services of a young prostitute-turned-nun named Sister Mary. Through his friendship and growing affection toward Sister Mary, Nikki begins to question the nature of what he is doing, seeing that Dr. X has his own corrupt agenda. Dr. X takes notice and, seeing a potential threat in Mary to his cult of personality, orders Nikki to kill both her and the priest. Nikki goes to Mary's Church and kills the priest, but, after confronting Mary, he fails to comply with the command to murder her. He loves Mary and decides to leave the organisation with her. Dr. X however, reminds Nikki that he is an addict, and that he is the one who can provide him with his daily fix. Nikki leaves regardless, conflicted and uncertain and returns to Mary only to find her dead.

Nikki struggles with the loss of his love Sister Mary, as well as the possibility that he himself may have killed her without knowing it and he begins to succumb to insanity. He runs through the streets calling her name. The Police arrive and attempt to subdue him. He is arrested and a gun is found on his body. He was now being charged with Mary's murder and the murders he committed for Dr. X. Suffering from an almost complete loss of memory, Nikki is put into a mental hospital, where he retraces in his mind his last moments with Mary. He fades to a blank and wakes up far away from any civilisation. Exiled.

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