Cassidy RP description

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Cassidy RP description

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Name: Cassidy
Race: Vendhyan ancestry
Age: 21
Weight: 115
Height: 5'7"
Gender Identity: Female
Brief Role-Play Backstory: Cassidy grew up enjoying the luxuries of a high ranking noble as she was born to a wealthy family of a distant empire whose name is now forgotten. At the young age of 11, Cassidy learned a lesson she would she wouldn't forget, those with wealth and power enjoy the luxuries of life while those in poverty struggle to survive. The empire where Cassidy resided in was attacked by a neighboring kingdom and swiftly defeated. Being high ranking nobles of the empire Cassidy and her family were enslaved and shipped off to different sellers throughout the years. After a decade of being sold off as property and used as nothing more than a slave, she killed one of her masters in frustration. Gazing upon the body of her former master Cassidy felt no remorse and instead enjoyment. Cassidy was soon arrested by authorities and resold into slavery. Cassidy was on her way to be shipped off to a faraway island nation; however, when Cassidy arose from her slumber she did not find herself surrounded by slave traders and fellow slaves. Instead, Cassidy found herself in the middle of nowhere.
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Re: Cassidy RP description

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